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Diversified Staking: The Solution

Investing in World Class Proof-of-Stake Blockchain Protocols

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Rob Frasca

Now is the Time

If you believe in the long term viability of crypto, now is the time to incorporate a risk-managed approach to investing in proof-of-stake networks.

“We believe blockchain is the largest value creation event of our lifetime, and Bitcoin proved it works. Proof-of-Stake is the next phase of blockchain technology, poised for broadscale global adoption.”

– Rob Frasca, Internet Pioneer,
Managing Partner, COSIMO Ventures

The COSIMO Y Advantage:

COSIMO Y provides an elegant solution for investors to remain in the markets, receive staking income, and potentially mitigate downside risk regardless of market condition.

Risk-Off Markets

  • Stay In The Market with Downside Risk Management*
  • Accumulate and Compound Staking Income
  • Increase Holdings During Downturns and Accumulate for the Next Bull Run

Risk-On Markets

  • Potential Capital Appreciation on Initial Investment & Staking Rewards
  • Staking Yields Increase in $ Terms with Token Price Gains
  • Choose to Collect in USD or Re-Invest Token Yield in any Risk-Managed Approach

*To achieve a risk managed downside, upside is reduced by approach hedge level.

Now Investors have the Opportunity to:

  • Gain Diversified Exposure to World-Class Blockchain Networks
  • Invest with a Seamless, Secure, & Transparent Institutional-Grade Platform
  • Accrue Tokens Through Staking Yield
  • Potentially Limit Losses Through Hedged Protection

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“We are entering the next phase of Internet technology development: The “Internet of Money” where Blockchain enables the creation of a new decentralized financial system.”

– Rob Frasca, Managing Partner, COSIMO Ventures.