Investing is Simple, Turnkey 3 Step Process:

Institutional Grade Platform

Onboard & Subscribe

On Boarding &

  • KYC / AML on all investors
  • Top tier US law firms
  • ChainAlysis – Internal AMT-AML bad actor screen
  • Digital asset banking cash movement.

Select Risk Profile & Payout Preference

Risk Profiles &
Payout Options

  • Hedging potential downside risk according to investor selected conservative, moderate, or aggressive risk profiles
  • Payout or Re-Invest returns on a quarterly basis

Earn Risk Managed Staking Yield

Accounting &

  • Institutional Grade Custodial Solutions – MPC (multiparty computation); multi-jurisdictional
  • VASP Licensed Custodians and prime brokers in Europe
  • Validator Node Operations
    Best in class institutional grade

*contracts not yet in place.

Fund Yield Metrics

COSIMO Y Provides Quarterly Yield Payout at Discretion of Investor

Quarterly Payout

  • Paid out in $USD
  • Accumulated Staking Income Is Sold End of Quarter.
  • Enjoy USD Yield Payout While Maintaining Hedged Staked Assets Position.

Reinvest Option

  • Stay in Market by Re-Staking to Earn More Staking Rewards.
  • Yields are Reinvested, Staked and Compounded.
  • Can Divert Yield to Other Risk Approaches.

Learn More About COSIMO Y’s Digital Yield Opportunities

Benefits of Investing in COSIMO Y:
Institutional Simple Turn-Key Platform


Turnkey platform with Monthly Liquidity, With 30-day Notice

Peace of Mind

Remove the “Why Now” from investing with a risk managed approach


Collect USD payouts from blockchain staking participation


Accumulate tokens from multiple PoS cryptocurrencies

Investment Terms

Fund Name / Investment ManagerCOSIMO Y / COSIMO Advisors+
Minimum Investment / SizeHNWs/Family Offices $250k, Institutions $1m
Yield PayoutPaid Quarterly, or Retained at Option of Investor
RedemptionsMonthly, With 30-day Notice
Management Fee2.00%
GP Carried Interest20%
Hurdle8% Annually
Founders Class – first $25 Million1.5% Management Fee – 15% Carried Interest

+COSIMO Ventures affiliated entities to-be-formed.