Unlike other digital asset funds that implement tactics like liquidity pool mining and yield farming, COSIMO Y invests in a diversified group of PoS networks and uses derivative products to help hedge risk.

COSIMO Y seeks to accrue tokens on a predictable basis, benefit from price appreciation, and mitigate losses through hedging strategies. This multi-strategy approach provides options for investors seeking aggressive, moderate or conservative exposure.

Mass Adoption: Proof-of-Stake

Similar to the way new protocols created massive markets in the past, we believe Blockchain is the largest value creation opportunity since the Internet itself. Proof-of-stake presents a significant opportunity for investors to accrue value in blockchain networks & protocols with staking rewards.

Market Cap of Top 35 PoS Assets
PoS Market Share
Staked Assets*
Average Yield*

Massive Signs of Institutional Adoption

  • VCs invested $30 Billion over 1199 rounds in crypto & blockchain startups in H1 2022
  • 74% of investors plan to buy or invest in digital assets in the future according to Fidelity
  • Blackrock CEO Larry Fink believes “the next generation for markets” will be tokenization utilizing blockchain

Why Now?

Market entering new phase of blockchain adoption from early adopter to early majority*

Market has Pulled Back significantly in 2022 ^+
Crisis creates opportunity, and we are now seeing attractive valuations

We are entering a new age of proof of stake
Ethereum merge to PoS may push new capital into the larger PoS ecosystem

Time IN the market matters when considering compounding
Some Protocols Compound Staking Rewards Daily or Even Hourly

Market Timing is Difficult

Take away the timing issue with a risk-managed approach, enter the market, accumulate and hedge risk.
  • Conservative Model
  • Accumulate Immediately
  • Compound Coin Yield

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