Security, Transparency, & Trust

One of the fundamental promises of blockchain technology is the ability to create trustless systems with verifiable transparency. The COSIMO Team is proud to bring an entirely new level of security, transparency, & trust to funds like COSIMO Y by utilizing blockchain technology.


COSIMO Y strategically built a turnkey platform with a diversified stack of best-in-industry providers. This includes exchanges, node operators, and custodians, all of which are a source of counterparty risk. By diversifying counterparty risk and only working with the best, COSIMO Y created an elegant platform for investing in world-class proof-of-stake protocols.

  • Thorough due diligence on all of its providers
  • Implementing robust internal controls
  • Maintaining a high level of liquidity to ensure that the fund is always able to meet its obligations.


COSIMO Y explicitly uses battle-tested exchanges with deep liquidity such as CME and Kraken.

CME Group

Staking Providers

By only using highly experienced providers such as Figment & Foundry, COSIMO Y provides investors with both peace of mind and an investment edge. 



COSIMO Y funds are protected under the highest standards of security with trusted custodians such as Copper & Anchorage.
Anchorage Digital Bank


COSIMO Y aims to provide fund transparency like never before with real-time proof-of-funds supported by Chainlink Oracles. 

Connecting APIs from custodians, futures accounts, banks, and node operators

Proof of Funds (GRAPHIC connecting all above to a Fund Figure of $200m)

COSIMO Y is also subject to quarterly audits conducted by NAV Consulting


Why you will feel safe with COSIMO Y… 

  • Experienced investment & management team
  • World-Class Providers
  • Complete Transparency from blockchain technology

Remove the need for trust, and verify your holdings directly on the blockchain.

*Not all agreements are currently in place. The fund intends to utilize these providers, but providers are subject to change.

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